The sexiest of Sexy Servers

Game, set, sexy, sexy match. Last night the 2011 Sexiest Server was crowned at Haze, and the winner was Brittney Porter of Santa Fe Station’s Revolver. Look at the locals joints, getting in on the act.

Porter lands herself the $10,000 grand prize. Hot on her heels were Vanessa Picone from Moon in second, Michelle Staroska of Gilley’s in third and a pair of Wet Republic servers, Whitney Green and Suzanne Nakata in fourth and fifth, respectively.

In the runup to the finale, Porter had said her favorite work story was when “A girl walked up to the bar with her shirt AND bra completely off, acting oblivious to it all. I guess this is what happens when you offer $2 Jager.”

Good God, that would be our favorite work story, too. We really need to involve more toplessness in this job.

Porter was bolstered by a big contingent from Stations — including executives who helped get employees to the club to show their support. “I was really surreal. I’m kind of still in a state of shock,” Porter said. “I am going on vacation and I’m going to help my family out a little bit. I’m the only one employed in my family right now.”

As a total aside, Haze was slammed last night for the event, with a crowd that was on the ball all night. That is, until, “Let’s Get It Started” came on. You couldn’t suck the air out of a crowd that quickly if you shot them into space. Next song comes on, and everybody is right back in the thick.

It just makes us feel good about this vendetta we have against the Black Eyed Peas. For more or less endless miles of girls from the contest to look at, check out SpyOn’s mammoth contest gallery.

Jason Scavone is the editor of