Bring Your Friends

Drinks were meant to be shared. The ancient Greeks were dipping their oinochoe into the same crater of wine before six-packs were even a gleam in a tailgater’s eye. At the Cosmo, conviviality and sharing are celebrated, especially at José Andrés’ two restaurants.

Ponche de Cava

As served at Jaleo, $42

When the ponche bowl comes out, it’s party time. Cava sangria, served as a traditional communal ponche, is simple to make, serves at least four and will make the ideal centerpiece for any barbecue or picnic not to mention a celebratory dinner at Jaleo. Just remember to share!

Into a large punch bowl, add 1 orange peel spiral, 2 lime wheels, 6 green grapes, 6 raspberries, 1½ ounces Fundador brandy, 1½ ounces Cointreau, 1½ ounces Beefeater gin, 2 ounces simple syrup and 1 sprig of lemon verbena. Add ice and, just prior to service, one 750-milliliter bottle of Lady of Spain cava; stir well. To serve, ladle punch and some fruit over ice into rocks glasses.

Cold “Tea” for Two

As served at China Poblano Noodles & Tacos, $22

In Washington, D.C., where Andrés has six venues, some Chinese restaurants secretly serve beer and alcohol in teapots after hours. The ThinkFoodGroup beverage team liked the idea so much they created their own homage to that surreptitious spirit service. Refreshing and easy to drink, this sophisticated—ahem—tea is fun for the whole table and pairs well with the Chinese and Mexican cuisine served at China Poblano.

Combine 6 ounces of brewed, cooled green tea, 4 ounces Tecate Lager (or other light Mexican beer), 3 ounces Don Julio reposado tequila, 1 ounce freshly squeezed lemon juice and 1 ounce St. Germain elderflower liqueur in a 24-ounce teapot with a mesh insert. Fill the insert with ice and cracked peppercorns.

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