Glee casters settle in for the long haul

The third Glee birthday party in the last five weeks went down Feb. 26 at Lavo. Well, at least there’s only another 600 or so people in that cast to get to before the year’s over.

Darren Criss came heavy with a group of 25 in the private dining room at Lavo before moving upstairs to the club. Now that Glee has eclipsed Elvis for most singles on the Billboard Hot 100, there’s no chance the cast will be departing the clubs any time soon, either. It’s just going to be an endless parade of cakes and REO Speedwagon songs. Eventually, it’ll fade into the background and you won’t even notice, just like every time the DJ spins “Let’s Get It Started.”

Meanwhile, that same night saw Seth Green and Macaulay Culkin swing into sister club Marquee. Apparently Green was taking him on the “Oh, my God, Mila Kunis looked so hot on the Oscars and I’m so sorry you’ll never be with a girl one-sixteenth that hot again” consolation tour.

Either that or someone got credible information that Joe Pesci would be trying to break into Marquee and Culkin needed a fellow celebrity with tiny, childlike hands to help set elaborate traps.

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