The ice pan cometh

Technology has made many improbable things possible in the food world, and one of them is watching ice cream freeze in front of your very eyes. The Ice Pan at Harrah’s performs this 21st century miracle, by means of a technique that you get to observe. It’s the invention of a California-based company, and this is the first Vegas location.

The advantages are numerous, starting with your choice of the base liquid, which can be one of four: non-fat, low-fat or whole milk, and an organic soy milk. The caloric component varies according to your choice, soy milk being sandwiched in between the non-fat and low-fat milks in total calories, whole milk being, naturally, the highest.

The other ingredients in the ice cream are fixed, only an all-natural emulsifier made from seaweed, and the flavor of your choice, from an all natural extract. One can mix-in toppings at extra charge. Why does the Ice Pan use seaweed? It, says the brochure, “detoxifies the body and rejuvenates the skin,” making it a healthy choice.

The ice cream is low in sugar, and has no artificial preservatives, flavors or colors. The toppings, however, do add calories. I had one made with coconut, almonds and chocolate, so I guess that makes me a greedy bastard.


Max Jacobson is the Vegas Seven food critic and writes at Unica World.