Love is still in the air

It’s nearly springtime, which means everyone has wedding fever. Including people who haven’t necessarily had fantastic luck with wedded bliss.

Pawn StarsRick Harrison revealed at the Feb. 25 opening of the Peter Lik gallery at Mandalay Place that he’s been engaged to 36-year-old Deanna Burditt since Valentine’s Day, when he proposed to her at Aureole (site of their first date), according to online reports. It’ll be both Harrison’s and Burditt’s third marriage.

We love that they’re just going for it anyway. At some point, you have to wear that Liz Taylor/Marilyn Monroe thing like a badge of honor. We kind of hope even if everything is going great five years down the road, they get divorced and re-marry each other, just because.

Maybe a little more cautious, and with way better reason to learn one’s lesson vis-à-vis matrimony, Mary Jo Buttofuoco—nearly 20 years after Amy Fisher capped her in the head—got hitched to print shop owner Stu Tender on Feb. 25 at the Always & Forever wedding chapel.

Well, this one couldn’t possibly end any worse, at least. Still, you know what they say: Have your teenage mistress shoot me in the face once, shame on you…

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