Showgirl School

X Burlesque University left one student waiting for the advanced course

It wasn’t until I moved to Las Vegas with its bounty of dancers that I added “learn to burlesque dance” to my bucket list. The opportunity came to cross it off came when I heard about X Burlesque University.

Its 75-minute class, from the producers of X Burlesque at the Flamingo, consisted of makeup application training, a take-home makeup kit, a professional photograph and a lesson in burlesque dance moves.

In the showroom I was greeted by Shakeera, a dancer in the show. The space had been turned into a classroom with a personal mirror, fake eyelashes and lipstick at each table. It seemed like most participants were older, and I felt awkward being the youngest person there.

Tiffany Stabile, X Burlesque company manager, began the class with the false eyelash tutorial. While she applied eyelash glue for each student, Shakeera gave makeup tips. Next I was told to put on as much red lipstick as I could. Once completed, I followed instructions and tapped a thick coat of red glitter over it. The glitter got in my mouth every time I breathed, smiled or talked. We were then taken up the stage for the photograph. Each student took a feather boa and stood in front the “X” logo while Stabile took pictures.

Shakeera took over, sharing a few bedroom tricks, such as slowly removing your bra and panties while exuding confidence. The older ladies tried mimicking the tricks, but I wasn’t interested. I prefer my “undergarments” be removed by the man I’m with. Shakeera taught seven simple dance moves. I was handed a diploma, took a picture with Shakeera and then the class was done.

I was left wanting more. The class was in its second week and may be different now. All I know is that I had to put “learn to burlesque dance” back on my bucket list.