Sugar Factory rolls out candy carpet

Get ‘em while they’re young, Kim. (Photos by Denise Truscello)

The candy store/restaurant/nightclub/beer garden/car detailing/spatula retail megalopolis did its first grand opening Friday night, for Sugar Factory American Brasserie.

Kim Kardashian was the mistress of ceremonies, waving around her 125-carat diamond lollipop. Because it’s about time someone made Caligula and Saddam’s palace designer feel embarrassed for someone else. She brought younger sister Kylie Jenner to get a taste of the Vegas club-appearance lifestyle for the first time.

Getting in on the ruckus were Holly Madison with sidekicks Laura Croft and Josh Strickland. Whitney Port was there for her 26th birthday with boyfriend Ben Nemtin and a bottle of Dom, while Mel B had dinner with Kardashian. Nick Cannon, Robin Antin and Matt Goss rounded out the crew.

On Saturday, Drake turned up with Reggie Bush, who was conveniently there a night after Kardashian. They also went in for the $1,000 Chocolate Gold fondue, apparently just to rub it in to poor people. Really, it’s wildly inappropriate with that crowd of dirty orphans pressing their faces up against the glass.

Wilmer Valderrama also took his turn, joining Frankie Delgado, Vanessa Hudgens and Brittany Snow who were there for late-night.Madison and Strickland returned on Sunday.

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