Hangover Special, Hussong’s Cantina & Taqueria

Every culture has its own version of the hangover cure. In Mexican cuisine, there’s nothing quite like pozole, a classic soup that makes the morning after that much easier to bear. Hussong’s version features well-seasoned pulled pork, hominy, tomato, onion and cilantro in a heady broth. The other part of the special is a little hair of the dog: a Ketel One Bloody Mary. The combination makes everything OK.

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How would you like to go to at least one casino or bar every day? I don’t mean just walking in to make a delivery; I mean going there to drink, eat or even gamble? Not only do I do that; it’s my job. Every month I go on my own whirlwind tour of casino visits so I can try—or sometimes just look at—as many different things as I can in preparation for compiling that month’s issue of the Las Vegas Advisor. I’ll bet you have no idea how many old things change and new things pop up in a city like this, but I’ll give you a taste: