Local physical therapist introduces a better Bengay

Las Vegas physical therapist Scott Pensivy has been helping patients recover from injury for more than 20 years, treating everyone from Cirque du Soleil performers to tennis legend Boris Becker. In addition to a wide variety of rehabilitation techniques, Pensivy has often used over-the-counter anti-inflammatory pain-relief creams on his patients, but he was never satisfied with the results.

Now, together with Jim Song, president of the Henderson-based nutraceutical firm Longevity, Pensivy has developed Rehab 1000, a therapeutic cream that helps reduce pain and inflammation while producing a warming sensation similar to a heating pad, but with deeper effects. “The cream sits in the muscle, and if you’re active it really kicks in,” Pensivy says. “This won’t blister, won’t stain and it doesn’t smell. I mean, who wants to smell like Bengay?”

Rehab 1000 is composed of methylsulfonylmethane, a natural anti-inflammatory and chili-pepper extract that provides the deep heat and numbs pain receptors. Natural tree oil was added to increase penetration and reduce inflammation.

To further enhance the effects of Rehab 1000, Pensivy created the Pensivy Method Tool, a molded plastic applicator designed to glide over the skin. “What we found using the PMT is that it gets even deeper because you’re using friction to penetrate more,” he says. “You’re not only breaking up the scar tissue, you’re increasing circulation.” After speaking at a recent United States Tennis Association conference, Pensivy was mobbed for the 500 samples he’d brought along, and he knew he had a hit on his hands. “What I like best,” he says, “is that we can now bring the treatment to them instead of them having to come to treatment.”

The cream has sold well in the only place it has been available for purchase—online in Korea—and this month Rehab 1000 and the PMT became available for purchase in the United States: $40 at LongevityNetwork.com.