Pulled-Pork Sandwich at Dickey’s Barbecue Pit

Remember when TV’s Dr. Hawkeye Pierce pined for barbecue from Adam’s Ribs in M*A*S*H? He called in a series of intricate favors to have ribs delivered to his unit in war-torn Korea, but it’s much easier to satisfy your craving at Dickey’s, serving delicious barbecue since first opening in Dallas in 1941. One favorite is the Southern pulled-pork sandwich, topped with pickles, onions and original, sweet or spicy barbecue sauce. Chopped or sliced beef brisket, Virginia-style ham and Polish sausage are among the other hickory-smoked meats available. Although Hawkeye forgot the side dish, don’t you ignore the waffle-iron fries or fried onion tanglers. $5 ($7.50 with two sides), 7430 Las Vegas Blvd. South, 220-4227.