Unknown (PG-13)


This fish-out-of-water thriller is not an especially memorable film, but Liam Neeson’s performance as Dr. Martin Harris makes it entertaining. After a freak car accident, Martin awakens with enough memory intact to retrace his steps back to his hotel. But Martin’s wife (January Jones) doesn’t recognize him and an imposter (Aidan Quinn) has taken his place. The solution to Unknown’s mystery is excessively contrived and yet underdeveloped. Diane Kruger plays a helpful and sexy stranger.

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I Am Number Four (R)


I Am Number Four (R)

It’s Twilight with aliens! In this endearingly dumb, surprisingly entertaining sci-fi flick, John Smith (Alex Pettyfer) tries to blend in at his new school while harnessing superhuman powers and running from a murderous gang of tattooed villains who look like Voldemort at a leather bar. Based on a YA novel by James Frey and Jobie Hughes, I Am Number Four isn’t much more than a sexed-up teen Superman, but it’s shameless fun.