Notes from Neon Reverb

Random thoughts from Vegas Streats at Neon Reverb:

  • I love food trucks, but this was an awful setting for them.  I’m happy they did so much business, but waiting on line for 40 minutes to eat any “quick” meal is not worth it. Not even if you have a pretty girl to flirt with who likes to drink so much that she gets out of line to go to Downtown Cocktail Room, then returns with her drink while you’re still waiting to order. 
  • By the time the lines became reasonable, most of the trucks were either out of food, or close to it. But I’m convinced the crew at Sloppy Jo’s could make almost anything taste good with a fried egg on top of it.
  • Food Truck Mania Debate: I had very important discussion about the merits of Shaved Ice (from the truck with the same name) with Dusty Sunshine’s Summer Soll and Forget Me Now’s Bob Dickman.  The “adult” of the group, Summer, did not have the same thrill Bob and I did. Trying to rain on our parade, Summer couldn’t believe the smiles on our faces as we had just paid for, as she put it, “just ice.” But as Bob pointed out, were any of us willing to shave our own ice? Point, Bob.  And besides that, it was delicious. To be clear, it’s not just ice. It’s ice (that is shaved) with flavors like Blue Hawaii, the surprisingly good Wedding Cake, and the yummy-but-awfully-named Tiger Blood. Two bucks to jump and down like a kid and remember summer (the season, not the singer who does not appreciate amazing little gems like this)
    goodness?  Bargain city.
  • The outdoor setup was cool, but the art part of Streats kind of went unnoticed. I saw one guy painting a bench, but nobody was really into it.
  • The Skooners played their going-away show in an “altered” state of mind.  Singer Blair Dewane repeatedly told the audience how he forgot the words and that he was blacked out for “like the last six songs.” Still, the audience loved them and had no problem chiming in on the lyrics, even jumping on stage to do so. One of Vegas’ best bands is done.  But they are all working on new projects already.
  • Until there is a bounce house and a dunk tank, I refuse to call this an actual street fair.
  • Shaved ice is fucking awesome.

Jason Harris is a local stand-up comedian.