The Bar Guide

Looking for a good night out? Have we got places for you! Plus: Fremont East, a vision of a locals downtown at critical mass; Unveiling Artifice, the inside scoop on the next big bar deal; Lost Bars, our toast to the haunts of Vegas past; New Spirits, the making of a Las Vegas Distillery.

We'll Drink to These …

From high-end splurge to dump-his-ass dive, Seven’s stable of seasoned indoor recreation experts offers a great bar for every occasion

25 great bars according to us—one for every occasion. Starting with the Super High End at Mandarin Oriental Bar. When you get done being dazzled by the view from the 23rd floor—and believe us, it’ll take awhile—what you’ll start to notice is an attention to detail that would make a German automaker blush.

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The Lost Bars

Sadly, several dear classics have departed in recent years. Here’s to six of them … and their Barovian spirit

My friend Ted Haigh knows a thing or two about cocktails. He was a key consultant for the Museum of the American Cocktail in New Orleans, not to mention a fine mixologist himself.

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Skinny Dugans: A legendary sports bar in limbo

Transplanted New Yorker Bob Keck and his brother, Fred, opened Skinny Dugans in August 1973. After 33 years, in 2006, the Kecks sold the profitable and popular establishment at 4127 W. Charleston Blvd.

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Urban Exposure: Enter Artifice

A new bar, lounge and live music venue moves in at the corner of form and function

Denizens of the Arts District will soon have one more place to hang their hipster hats as Artifice Bar & Lounge readies to open its doors in early April next to the Arts Factory. Artifice will offer a casual live performance space and two lounges, as well as a bar to serve all three. It has an artist’s soul, a musician’s heart and a businessman’s brain.

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Spirit of the West

Nevada’s first legal distillery gets the nod, gets to work

George Rácz knew creating a distillery in the desert would be difficult, especially since there is no precedent in Nevada for such an endeavor. But as he nears the end of a 2½-year journey, Rácz is optimistic that he is on the brink of history.

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Hidden Oasis


Hidden Oasis

By Patrick Moulin

Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, just a short drive west of Las Vegas, is popular with hikers, mountain climbers and bikers. What many outdoor enthusiasts may not know about are the seasonal waterfalls. These hidden spectacles are a sight not often seen in the desert, and with the heavy winter snows melting, this an excellent time of year to visit.