Flourishes for the Four-Legged

Website LoyalLuxe.com offers innovative and stylish pet products crafted of modern designs and made from recyclable materials. So if it’s time to reward the most loyal member of the family, here are two gifts that will make them feel like royalty:

Native American Teepee, for cats.

Style: Made of 100 percent recycled cardboard, this cozy teepee can be assembled in minutes. The door is expandable for felines of various sizes, and the interior offers a comfy hideout for cats in need of some alone time.

Price: $24

Original Bow Tie, for dogs.

Style: For the pup that likes to paint the town red, a fashionable bow tie is the perfect accessory. Styles range from Rock Star to Milkman, so there’s sure to be one to fit any canine personality.

Price: $18

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Known for his signature X’s, contemporary artist Kaws’ newest project, in collaboration with Standard Hotels, is one of functional nature: a light bulb. He changed the shape of the filament inside the bulb and incorporated his X’s. The light bulbs work in any standard incandescent fixture, giving an ordinary room an extraordinary vibe. The dimly glowing three-watt bulbs were available in non-numbered, limited-edition sets of three (red, purple and green) for $65. They sold out but they can still be found on eBay.