Just Eff It

Wet Republic welcomes Ibiza’s infamous export fête

Don’t act like the title of DJ/producer David Guetta and wife Cathy’s party, “Fuck Me I’m Famous,” doesn’t intrigue you just a little. The 10-year-old Ibiza-based event has long since earned its reputation as the Promised Land for electronic music devotees. Made mobile, it has touched down everywhere from Miami to Cannes and this summer adds Las Vegas to its glamorous itinerary, albeit slightly censored.

The Guetta team has partnered with the techno tycoons Angel Management Group, to prep two of their numerous venues for a F*** Me I’m Famous Las Vegas takeover. FMIF will first debut March 26 at LAX at Luxor and will carry over April 10 to Wet Republic Ultra Pool at MGM Grand, where it will remain for 26 Sundays throughout the summer. Somewhere, a club kid just fainted.

Described as a “sensory feast” by AMG’s vice president of strategy, Nick McCabe, FMIF is more than just a party, it’s a brand, a creation and an experience. “It’s not only about the music, which is a massive component, but it’s really about the production. Whether it be dancers, aerialists, other performers or the actual decor of the venue, the goal is to completely transform the venue.” Exactly how that will happen and to what extent remains a mystery, and AMG intends to keep it a secret until the March and April premieres. It is essential to FMIF’s culture and identity to keep partiers guessing.

The original party began on the island of electronic music, Ibiza, Spain, in 2001 at Pacha nightclub, quickly rose to fame, stomping out competition, and landed a weekly Thursday residency at the famous club. It became such a household name on the island that David and Cathy opened three shops dedicated to FMIF, selling merchandise, music and miscellaneous swag. David even creates FMIF mixes to promote the new artists who will be included in the party. Since then, the extravaganza has been held in Paris, Miami, Beirut, Amsterdam, Sao Paolo and at the Cannes Film Festival, and will expand into Istanbul, Japan and Italy later this year.

Although AMG hasn’t yet announced its music programming, beyond Guetta himself, FMIF has been known to incorporate huge names such as Bob Sinclar, 2ManyDJs, Laidback Luke and Steve Angello, and will undoubtedly keep us on our toes with surprise appearances all summer long. Guetta’s creative and production experts are constantly raising its elements to the next level, whether it be artistic direction—including animations, decorations and visually stimulating characters—or hospitality. The affair is always on the forefront.

The most unique aspect about FMIF is its way of bringing together two very different groups of party-goers that typically might not mesh. “You have the clubbers who come to listen to David’s sound, which is a festive, positive mix between urban groove and an electro sound,” Cathy explains, “and you have the VIPs and celebrities who want to be comfortable but have fun and watch the clubbers go crazy.” “Everybody inside FMIF is an actor: kids and their style, clubbers dancing hard, the beautiful and sexy girls and elegant men with confidence,” David says. As for the provocative name, he says it’s “kind of a joke because if you are a star it is easier for you to have success with the opposite sex.”

As if anyone in a Vegas club has ever had a hard time finding success with the opposite sex.