Pauly D to spin at the Palms

Pauly D has been tapped as an exclusive resident DJ at the Palms. He’ll be spinning at Rain, Moon, Ghostbar and the Palms Pool & Bungalows. Though a starting date hasn’t yet been announced, it’s widely believed that he’ll arrive just as soon as a cab is here to pick him up. Assuming the Sammi/Ronnie relationship didn’t—as he threatened—cause him to commit suicide.

Perez Hilton hosted The Bank on March 12 for a spring break party. Just like in Cozumel and Miami Beach, you can’t have a true spring break party without a catty, pink-haired blogger.

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Party Blarney


Party Blarney

Rest assured, there is no shortage of opportunities to get your green on—Irish or no. Don’t miss the famous St. Patty’s Bag Pipers parade on the Brooklyn Bridge, 11 a.m-2:15 a.m., plus an all day and night celebration featuring live music by Sin E Ri Ra and Celtic Rockers. Outside New York-New York. Mike Bowman, Frank Joseph and The Limey Barstewards bring the luck of the Irish to Nine Fine Irishmen as they host and perform during the traditional St. Patty’s Day bash. In New York-New York.