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@loveyousave Snooki on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine. This, ladies & gents, is officially the day the music died.

@JohnnyMacOps I’ve been on the ground in Vegas for 27 min & I’m already in the drive thru line at In N Out.

@BayBeans Best thing about the new iPad is the price of the old iPad.

@Bfinkle3354 How can one focus on her 3 midterms when she needs to pack for spring break?

@KLizUndenYable Dear God: When I asked for things to get higher, I just meant my life & career. I honestly was not talking about GASPRICES. Sincerely, KL.

@billburr Never judge a hotel by the lobby. It’s the resort version of putting rims on a piece of shit.

@Daryn_DraisLV What’s worse? My roommate buying the shake weight or me trying it when nobody was looking?

@pollstar On the stage that French-Canadian power ballads built, Celine Dion rolls her body, drops her hips and shimmies in a gold sparkly mini-dress that looks like it was swiped from Beyoncé’s closet.

@nealbrennan Watched American Idol last night. Those contestants have murdered more great songs than Mark David Chapman.

@NapaRonCapps At Vegas airport this morning, do they have mullet conventions here?

@CaraZizzo w/ Celine’s ppl on Terrace @PureLasVegas & all speaking French. If it wasn’t for neon Bally’s sign next to Eiffel Tower, I’d question where I was.

@LJSearles Dear Jon Ensign, don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

@jimgeraghty: Obama’s bracket picks don’t air on ESPN until tomorrow, but I’m hoping that Wikileaks will post them tonight.

@nodeuces Is it reasonable to blame Andrew Dice Clay for the closing of Sahara? Hickory, dickory, dock… Sahara boarded up shop.

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