Milos opens for lunch at Cosmopolitan


Yesterday, Estiatorio Milos, our best Greek restaurant, quietly
opened for lunch. This is good news for my tailor. I’ve already split
several pairs of pants since Jan. 1.

It’s also a good deal, and a chance for those intimidated by a trip to
their fish market, the display where one picks one’s fish for dinner, to
eat here without paying an arm and a leg. The price — what year is this?
Oh yes, 2011. $20.11 gets you a three-course lunch, and it’s some deal.

I’ve been eating at Milos since it opened, and I can’t get enough of the
place. Perhaps owner Costas Spiliadis was inspired by the dining deals
in New York, where a multitude of restaurants offer meals at a fixed
price over a given month. It’s a very good idea, and I wish more Vegas
restaurants would get with this program.

So, here the deal at Milos. The first course is the appetizer course,
offering a choice of eight, and the opportunity to have grilled octopus
or their amazing Maryland blue crab cake for a $10 supplement.

Don’t opt for the tenner, and you’ll have items such as Beluga lentil
salad with smoked salmon, Greek meze plate (with six components,
including stuffed vine leaves, olives, taramosalata and tomatoes, or my
choice, xortopita, a house made phyllo pastry tart with wild greens and
aged Feta.

The main course offers a choice of either lavraki with horta, (sea bass
with greens, Honjaki salmon with steamed vegetables, a tuna burger, a
lobster salad ($15 supplement), chicken brochette with mushrooms and
onion on pita, or my choice, a lamb chop, fries and vegetables.

For dessert, there is karidopita, delicious, honey-soaked walnut cake,
yogurt with thyme honey and walnuts, or fresh fruit. If you ever want to
locate me at noon, there’s a good chance I’ll be here.

Max Jacobson is the Vegas Seven food critic and writes at Unica World.