Holly Madison splits with Jack Barakat

Pawn Stars’ Corey “Big Hoss” Harrison ran into trouble March 20 in Big Bear Lake, Calif., when he was arrested for his alleged role in a bar fight. Look, when the man says your Otis Nixon rookie card isn’t worth $40, he really means your Otis Nixon rookie card isn’t worth $40.

Holly Madison has split with All Time Low guitarist Jack Barakat after 10 months. Now’s Criss Angel’s chance to stand outside Planet Hollywood holding a boom box over his head blasting Peter Gabriel.

Chris Evans, who’s set to play the titular Captain America, was spotted at Marquee on March 18 to celebrate the 30th birthdays of two of his former Boston roommates. The Axis has since abandoned all plans to invade the club.

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Dame Situation, of the Northhampton Situations


Dame Situation, of the Northhampton Situations

By Jason Scavone

Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino had the run of the Sugar Factory/Chateau complex recently, and he did it with local gal Marcy Depena. Sorrentino hosted at Chateau on March 11, handing out shots of protein-infused Devotion Vodka to fans. Look, we’re not going to suggest people start getting picky about their free liquor, but if you’re a girl, and the Situation is handing you vodka he promises is filled with protein, you have to be at least a little suspicious, don’t you?