I Am Number Four (PG-13)


It’s Twilight with aliens! In this endearingly dumb, surprisingly entertaining sci-fi flick, John Smith (Alex Pettyfer) tries to blend in at his new school while harnessing superhuman powers and running from a murderous gang of tattooed villains who look like Voldemort at a leather bar. Based on a YA novel by James Frey and Jobie Hughes, I Am Number Four isn’t much more than a sexed-up teen Superman, but it’s shameless fun.

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Battle: Los Angeles (PG-13)

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Battle: Los Angeles (PG-13)

This assemble-the-troops sci-fi war flick is all bark and no bite. A global military attack by alien forces has left seven cities decimated, but the focus is on Los Angeles. The attacks—including alien soldiers with weapons surgically attached—draw Marine Staff Sgt. Michael (Aaron Eckhart) back for one more tour of duty. There’s no context to the grand spectacle violence on display. The pass-the-ammo-and-blast-away is the only theme to this complete waste of CGI technology.



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