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Selected by Jeanne Goodrich, executive director for the Las Vegas-Clark County Library District.

Maisie Dobbs (Soho Press, 2003) is the first in Jacqueline Winspear’s charming series about a plucky female private investigator who operates in post-World War I England. From her humble beginnings as a housemaid, Maisie’s intelligence, personal drive and perception take her to Cambridge, to France as a war nurse, and ultimately to London, where she opens her own business. Her talents were recognized early on by her employers, who became her benefactors and introduced her to her mentor. The novel is engaging and provides vivid insights into the culture and history of the era in which it’s set.

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The Adjustment Bureau (PG-13)

Politician David Norris (Matt Damon) is a blue-collar hotshot politician who falls for a beautiful dancer named Elise (Emily Blunt) in this sci-fi story where a handful of hat-wearing men run the planet. These “adjusters” monitor anomalies, e.g., the unplanned meeting of Elise and David. Their job is to make corrections for such irregularities so that all goes according to “their” predetermined plan. This is a simple story about love and free will. It works.