Pork Cassoulet at Sedona

The Corrigan Bros. are at it again. This time, they are using talented chef Jason Hrach to create dishes like this, an unusually satisfying take on pork and beans. A big square of pork belly is slow-cooked with Portuguese sausage and white beans, resulting in a hearty supper dish that will serve two, and be fought over. $19, 9580 W. Flamingo Road, 320-4700.

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Sugar Factory corporate bar manager and mixologist Ken Hall has been enjoying gummy, cherry-flavored Swedish Fish candies since he was young, but “little did I know that it would lead to this!” he says. Hall recently installed the Swedish Fish as well as 13 other cocktails at the Sugar Factory’s flagship American Brasserie at the Paris. “When I started working on this menu, I just thought about the theme of the restaurant and tried to come up with cocktails that fit within that parameter.