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Compiled by @marseniuk

@Brian_GriffinFG I feel bad to hear that our fellow dog (Nate Dogg) died, No worries though. All dogs go to heaven.

@Rebecca_bIack Funny when jobless people on Facebook update their status to ‘thank god it’s Friday’

@delacey355 Got to go with the first hunch on the brackets. More confusing than the first time you see Inception … and the second time.

@RPerezFeria It’s astounding how much actual work I get done on the weekends. Why can’t we designate say, Wednesday, “no talking to anyone at work” day?

@crissangel Lance gives the best massages….

@BenBadler If they broadcast baseball the way they do March Madness, they’d cut to a commercial break in between every at-bat.

@StoneRokk Bon Jovi blames Steve Jobs for killing the music industry. This coming from a guy that has a Superman emblem tattooed on his arm.

@iambbass In the face of adversity some people act courageous … And others act like lunatics. #truestory

@RichJuz The person who made up the phrase, “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels,” probably never had a lobster roll.

@juliussharpe Once they do away with unions in Wisconsin, they can finally give teachers the low pay and shitty healthcare they deserve.

@pixelhaus Thank God SXSW is finally over, I can stop feeling jealous now.

@tomsheik Sorry, March Madness, but there is a Sex and the City marathon on E! #DoesThatMakeMeGay?

@WILLSMlTH Why are there never any good side effects? Just once I’d like to read a medication bottle and see “May cause extreme sexiness.”

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