Neil raises ruckus at Sparks show

Apparently Vince isn’t taking the breakup well.

TMZ reports that last night during the Hal Sparks show at the Hilton, Vince Neil confronted his ex “allegedly stormed in and started screaming obscenities at her and her two friends. .. We’re told security at the hotel called Las Vegas PD. According to our sources, the woman told police Neil got physical with her and one of her friends.”

Though ex Alicia Jacobs isn’t mentioned by name, she did Tweet last night, “In Shimmer Theatre @LvHilton, w/ my posse- @triciamccrone & @johnnykats! Awaiting the funny & charming @Halsparks 2 take the

Neil wasn’t arrested.

UPDATE: We just spoke with Sparks, who said Neil came out between the opener and Sparks to confront Jacobs.

“He was brutally rude,” Sparks said. “He pushed her to the point she had a welt on her chest from where he poked her. She held it together for a minute because it was kind of a blur to her. A couple minutes after it hapened she started cryiong. Afterward it was cleanup I had to deal with. That was kind of the extent of it. The cops were scouring the place because he just took off. Apparently he was inebriated. He had the good sense to leave his car behind, assuming he was drunk.”

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