Deep Fried Cookies by Killer Snacks

When Vegas’ Richard Kronen—a.k.a “the Snack Doctor”—rolls up to festivals and parties with his Killer Snacks mobile, heaven isn’t too far away. Frozen Oreos, brownie bites and Nutter Butters (pictured) are battered in Kronen’s award-winner buttermilk pancake mix that has been tweaked with a few secret ingredients. Just two minutes in vegetable oil is all it takes to give the treat a light, crispy exterior and soft cookie middle. The custom Killer Snacks cart has two fry stations for maximum output and will debut at the San Gennaro Feast on May 4-8 at the Silverton. Who knew heaven was deep-fried? $5, catering packages start at $2,750 for 900 pieces over three hours,