Finger Food

On the hunt for sustainable, fashionable and affordable jewelry? Look north, toward Toronto-based Metsa Designs, which has created this three-finger ring as part of its “Food” line. You can choose between a two-finger and three-finger ring, both made using ethical practices and with eco-friendly materials, including African black wood, Cocobolo, Camatillo or Ebony woods. Be fashion forward and do your part at the same time.

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By Randy Wells

I grew up in a home where design was at the center of my family’s livelihood. My mother was an interior designer and my father was a custom home builder. So it’s only natural that I was drawn to the subject at an early age. These days, it seems design is on everyone’s mind. Once looked upon as an indulgence for only the affluent, now homeowners and apartment dwellers of all income levels are embracing interior design to define their own personal sense of style—at just about any price point.