Gaga Spreads It Around

Dueling divas were locked in a daring death-struggle to see who could more delight diminutive divisions of their fan legions.

Britney Spears’ not-so-secret shows at Rain had been leaked early on, but she still came in March 25 to do two sets of “Hold It Against Me,” “Till the World Ends” and “Big Fat Bass” off her new Femme Fatale album while filming for an MTV special.

That same night, Lady Gaga was delivering a show at the MGM Grand Garden Arena, but for the “surprise show” scoreboard, she kept lips tighter surrounding her one-song appearance at Krave on March 24.

An impersonator started off doing “Bad Romance” before Gaga stormed the stage to do “Born This Way,” complete with a full coterie of dancers. It’s good that Gaga has this kind of venue to surprise people, because if you just turned around in your house and Gaga was standing there, you’d shriek and hit her with a mop handle before you realized she was just a harmless pop singer.

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