Insidious (PG-13)


James Wan (writer/director on Saw) presents an old-fashioned haunted house story that almost works. An underdeveloped script and a deal-breaking subplot involving ghost-busters restrict the fear factor. A couple (Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne) moves into a spooky house. Weird voices, fast-moving shadows and ghost faces appear at increasing regularity. Insidious has a few good shockers, but it doesn’t sustain any terror after the credits roll.

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French industrial, French punk, Japan Nite


French industrial, French punk, Japan Nite

By Jarret Keene

For the Francophiles among us, the cheese-eating, wine-guzzling, slender-citizened country of France blesses buffet-gorged, football-beered, fat-touristed Vegas this month with two wild rock bands. They’re a little on the gnarly side, but this is a rare chance to sample what’s cooking in the French underground these days. There’s also a show chock-full of Japanese rock bands that you’d better not miss. Seriously, if I find out you weren’t there, I’m quitting this column to flip burgers.



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