Mafia Matters

Catching up with Swedish House Mafia during Miami Music Week

There was no vacancy at Swedish House Mafia’s sold-out beachfront Masquerade Motel party on March 26 in South Beach, Fla., as more than 15,000 guests checked in to the event held during Miami Music Week, a weeklong celebration of electronic music. At a lavish suite in the W Hotel South Beach, the charming and accented members of the Mafia, Steve Angello, Axwell and Sebastian Ingrosso—also highly praised solo artists—let Vegas Seven in on their thoughts about Vegas and the coming of Angello’s Size Matters party to Wet Republic in April.

The three of you brought your Masquerade Motel party to Vegas this past Halloween, only your second time here together as Swedish House Mafia. How did it go?

All three [singing in unison]: Amazing!

Axwell: The Vegas crowd is crazy. It’s different than anything else. Anything is allowed. Nobody goes to Vegas to hold back.

Masquerade Motel—dubbed the One Night Stand—is turning into quite the affair. Another Masquerade Motel is being held here in Miami the same day as Ultra Music Festival, making it one of Ultra’s only massive competitors.

Ingrosso: Some kids assumed that we were going to play at Ultra, but Miami is a birthday party for every DJ and this is our birthday party. If a guy over there on the balcony has a birthday party, then can we not have our birthday party over here?

Very true. How do you feel about this year’s parting of Winter Music Conference from Ultra?

Axwell: I think it sucks it’s not the same week. I don’t like change; it was nice that everything was at the same time. But we’ll get used to it. And, do you know what I think is going to happen? It’s going to be one month next year. Like a mini Ibiza.

That’s going to be a very big hangover. There are even rumors of WMC being held in Vegas in upcoming years, especially now that Electric Daisy Carnival and Love Festival are moving to Vegas. Either way, can Las Vegas expect to surrender to the Swedish House Mafia again?

Ingrosso: Of course, it’s like standard procedure to go to Vegas.

Angello: The thing that was great about [Masquerade Motel] was that it was a Vegas crowd in a concert hall listening to dance music. And now we see that some of our friends are catching on and doing that. It’s a very good thing.

Steve, you will be bringing your Size Matters party to Wet Republic on April 3. How is your solo sound different than the Swedish House Mafia collective?

Angello: We’re all part of Swedish House Mafia, so I don’t have a very different style from them. We share music, and I play their stuff and they play mine. The main difference is that it’s three guys doing a really huge show.

This is a big deal for your record label, Size. Who are you obsessing over right now?

Angello: A guy named Tim Mason; Third Party; my brother, Max [Vangeli]. It’s a lot of good stuff.

The Size Matters compilation is two discs mixed by you and your younger brother, Antoine, a.k.a. AN21. Did you show him the ropes to DJing?

Angello: A little bit, but he had to figure it out on his own, too, and learn the ropes. It’s easy to just show somebody, but obviously he has his own personality and ideas and goals. But [smiling coyly], I think I helped out a little bit.

What can we expect from the Size Matters invasion?

Angello: It’s a pool, so it’s extremely sexy. A lot of naked people dancing to my music, so a lot of fun.

So then we can assume that size matters?

Angello: Size means everything. The whole idea is that: Size, it does matter.

AN21 and Max Vangeli will be spinning with you. Will any of the Mafia members be joining you?

Angello: They’re always with me. In here [pointing to his heart].

Ingrosso: Yes … we’re always in his heart.