Make That Winetail Culture

Lucky Ray, as served at Double Helix Wine & Whiskey Bar in the Shoppes at the Palazzo, $12

A winner since Day 1! We’re talking about this cocktail—er, winetail, which has been on Double Helix’s menu since it opened Jan. 17, 2008, but the same could be said for two of the bar’s three co-owners, Menelaos “Lucky” Metalios and Ray Nisi, lifelong friends and college roommates. “It’s our good luck charm!” says Nisi of the sunny drink. The Lucky Ray was just the first of Double Helix’s unique menu of winetails—that is, cocktails that use wine instead of hard liquor. “We’re constantly rotating in cocktails and winetails on our menu to keep it fresh and interesting,” Nisi says. “This one is perfect for anyone who’s looking for a new and interesting way to enjoy wine.” Well, we’re always trying to do that!

Combine 2½ ounces of Riesling, 1½ ounces of peach schnapps and ½ ounce of pineapple juice in a cocktail shaker. Add ice, shake gently and strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Using the back of a barspoon, gently sink a splash of grenadine to the bottom of the glass.