Through a Glass, Tastefully

And you shall know them by their stemware


Vinum XL Oregon Pinot by Riedel

Two for $50,

“My favorite wine glasses are Riedel; they have a glass for every wine and occasion. One of my favorite wines to drink right now is the 2008 Clio from Jumilla, Spain, a monastrell/cabernet blend—delicious. I serve this wine in the Oregon Pinot glass, which has a large waistline, and this wine can use the extra decanting in the glass.”

— Christian Marggeson, N9NE Group wine director, in the Palms


Vinum Extreme Cabernet by Riedel

Two for $50,

“This is a very large glass—the capacity is more than a full bottle of wine. The large size allows you to swirl a full glass of wine (6 ounces or so) to let the bouquet develop. The diamond-shape bowl assists in picking up on the nuances of the wine. The shape of the lip directs wine toward the front of your palate, allowing you to pick up on the fruit notes of the wine, while softening the tannins.”

— Bretton Lammi, resort sommelier, the Cosmopolitan


Sommeliers Series Burgundy Grand Cru by Riedel

$125 each, “I’ve had Domaine de la Romanée-Conti, Romanée Conti 1990 from this glass and the combination was sublime. One of the greatest wines in the world, beautifully showcased in a glass as only Riedel can do. Simply spectacular!”

— Kevin Vogt, master sommelier and wine director, Emeril’s Restaurants Las Vegas


Burgundy by Schott Zwiesel

Six for $72,

“My favorite wine glass, traditionally used for more elegant varietals such as nebbiolo, chardonnay and pinot noir. Schott Zwiesel designed a Tritan crystal glass that feels light in-hand but solid and well-constructed. Good for blind-tasting due to a larger bowl, which enhances the wine’s nose.”

— Krista Rediske, sommelier, Rao’s at Caesars Palace


“O” Series Syrah by Riedel

Two for $25,

“Not only is it versatile and extremely sexy in design, it’s also dishwasher safe, which is very important in my house.”

— Sonny Barton, co-founder of Rock ’n’ Roll Wine


The Silhouette

$54 each,

“This glass creates the same wine experience like viewing the world through a child’s eyes: magical, and intriguing you to savor every nuance.”

— Joseph Guida, president, Parc Ave Distributors


Provence Series Brunello by Ichendorf

Two for $142,

“It is the best of both worlds, excelling in both form and function.”

— Shalom Stella, consultant, fine wine division,
Wirtz Beverage Nevada


Riedel Vinum Extreme Bordeaux

$18 at Marché Bacchus

“I use it for both white and red, as the glass is versatile and provides ample surface area to oxygenate young wines while tasting them.”

— Jeff Wyatt, co-owner, Marché Bacchus


Grandissimo Burgundy by Spiegelau

Two for $21.55,

“This burgundy glass from Spiegelau provides a lot of surface area for the wine to spread itself out and release the aromas.”

— Yukiko Kawasaki, sommelier, Yellowtail in Bellagio


Vinum Young White Glass by Riedel

Two for $40,

“I utilize this glass for high-acid, cool climate whites. It is incredibly versatile, elegant, aesthetically pleasing and rewarding with every sip.”

— Robert Smith, master sommelier and wine director, Picasso in Bellagio


Sommeliers Series Bordeaux Grand Cru by Riedel

$125 each,

“I love the Sommeliers series because of the balance of the glass, the way that the bouquet is released into the nose, the size [30 ounces]—it is a showpiece by itself—and because it brings the full aromas, flavors and complexity of the wine to its full potential. The key is to fill the glass with no more than 3 ounces of wine, otherwise the balance of the glass will be lost.”

— Paolo Barbieri, master sommelier and wine director, Scarpetta in the Cosmopolitan


Provence Series Champagne by Ichendorf

Six for $348,

“It looks amazing on the table as I am drinking my well-deserved glass of Laurent Perrier Grand Siècle Champagne. Ichendorf really brings together art and functionality that lets the Champagne rise to its fullest potential in the glass.”

— Rober Wright, wine director, La Cave Wine & Food Hideaway in Wynn Sommeliers Series Vintage


Sommeliers Series Vintage Champagne by Riedel

$77 each,

“When in doubt, pour Champagne. And this is the glass you want it in. Part modern, part classic—all the way perfect.”

— Benito Martinez, wine manager, Botero in Encore


Vinum XL Oregon Pinot Noir by Riedel

Two for $50,

“I really love its balloon shape and profile—like a tulip. I find that this wine glass is useful for tasting any type of wine, from white to sparkling, rosé and red. It was designed for tasting pinot noir and nebbiolo, but I use it for everything else, even Champagne.”

— Alexandre Brard, sommelier and wine director, Morels in Palazzo

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