Too Fast for Ex-Love

Vince Neil did the “Bad Boy Boogie” over “Girls Girls Girls” and was “Louder Than Hell” March 24 during Hal Sparks’ stand-up at the Hilton’s Shimmer Cabaret before it could be “On With the Show” … “Rattlesnake Shake.”

After opening comic Chris Bonno finished his set, but before Sparks started his, the Mötley Crüe frontman burst into the showroom to confront his recent ex-girlfriend, KSNV Channel 3 reporter Alicia Jacobs, and two friends. Tempers flared, F-bombs were dropped, people got poked.

“He decided to come out and berate a girl he had been dating recently because he didn’t approve of the fact that she broke up with him and [he] was rather dickish about it,” Sparks said the day after the incident. “The part that struck me was the fact that I was stuck doing the show when the cops showed up. The two women he berated were led out of the room by police to fill out statements. And eight other people who had witnessed what he had done were taken to give statements.”

And Sparks thought hecklers yelling, “You suck” were bad. We assume this was the first time one of his shows was interrupted by a former hair-metal singer. Unless Sebastian Bach really didn’t like Charmageddon, we suppose.

“He was brutally rude. He pushed her to the point she had a welt on her chest from where he poked her. She held it together for a minute because it was kind of a blur to her. A couple minutes after it happened she started crying. Afterward, it was cleanup. I had to deal with it,” Sparks said. “Cops were scouring the place. Apparently he was inebriated. He had the good sense to leave his car behind, assuming he was drunk.”

A battery report has been filed in the case.

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