Burning Issues

We have a budget crisis. We have high unemployment. We have school districts claiming the end is nigh. And now, thanks to Assemblyman Paul Aizley, D-Las Vegas, we have finally have legislation in the hopper that deals with another pressing issue: candles and incense.

On March 4, Aizley pr oposed a bill, AB 234, that would ban all air fresheners, candles, potpourri and pesticides from public places in an effort to accommodate people with chemical sensitivities. Proponents of the bill say fragrances can trigger asthma attacks, migraines and make trips to movie theaters and casinos, which pump subtle scents throughout their public spaces, uncomfortable. Casinos use aromatherapy to mask smells, and in some cases, use signature fragrances to set a mood. Wild prognostication: The bill is dust in the wind.

And legislators have been busy beyond the burning issue of incense. Aizley recently put forth amendments to the Compassionate Access Act that would make it easier for individuals to obtain a medical marijuana card and allow them to grow their own plants. Not to be outdone when it comes to pandering to the base, Republican Assemblyman Ed Goedhart introduced legislation to create a specialty Tea Party license plate that would bear the familiar Gadsden flag image of a coiled rattlesnake.

It’s good to know that in these times, your legislators are making the tough decisions.