Golf Faster!

You’ve seen that person on the golf course; in fact, you might be that person. The one who lines up each putt like it’s the 18th hole at Augusta. Or the guy who searches for a lost ball like it’s a priceless heirloom.

In an attempt to save Las Vegans from five-hour rounds of 18 holes, Angel Park Golf Club is now offering Express Lane tee times on one of its two courses each Saturday morning to golfers who commit to finishing 18 holes within 3 hours and 45 minutes.

Express Lane tee times will vary with the season, but they are now being offered from 7 to 7:28 a.m.

“The reality is that most people live very busy lives,” says Greg Brockelman, director of golf at Angel Park. “Whether it’s trying to catch up at work or other responsibilities at home, people have a hard time carving out five hours to play a round of golf. Not to mention that some golfers just like to play fast.”

In order to ensure golfers conform to the time restraints, they will be reminded of the provisions when they book their tee time, a note will be placed in their golf cart, and the starter will provide a final mention. Golfers must sign an agreement that if they fail to maintain a suitable pace, their round could be interrupted to accommodate faster play. This could include being transferred to the other golf course, being moved forward on the course or being placed behind the last Express Lane reservation in order to accommodate the other golfers.

A survey reveals that 58 percent of golfers consider their pace of play as “fast,” while 5 percent deem themselves as “slow.” However, those same golfers rated 56 percent of other golfers as “slow” and 2 percent as “fast.” Obviously, there is a gap between perception and reality on the course. Maybe the Express Lanes can encourage some of those slowpokes to help save the rest of us from a good walk spoiled.

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