Killer App

Jet Set Games, a local video game studio, made a splash on the national gaming scene last summer with the release of Highborn, a gaming app available on the iPhone, iPad and Android. Now that they’ve released a new “chapter,” the turn-based strategy game is once again proving to be a hit. The game has been one of the top-selling apps for every platform it has been released on, even reaching the top three on Amazon.

Highborn is set in a medieval fantasy world, where players take turns against a human- or computer-controlled enemy, moving knights, wizards and catapults around a board. The goal is to capture your enemy’s bases and eliminate their characters. Think of a digitally advanced cross between Risk and chess, and you’re close. What makes the game stand out is its tongue-in-cheek writing and homages to pop-culture references, including Captain America, Star Wars, The Da Vinci Code and even the Gilmore Girls.

Jet Set Games was co-founded by president Rade Stojsavljevic and CEO Brett Sperry (see “Game On,” June 2). Highborn is a return to the duo’s strategy game roots and fills the missing in-depth strategy void in the current app gaming market.

While the small studio has only produced a few games, they have found success with Highborn. A third and final chapter is in the works and should be released later this year.