Paella Valenciana at Julian Serrano

The baked Spanish rice casserole called paella has been badly abused in this city, until now. Serrano, a Madrid native, is the chef at the highly acclaimed Picasso, and he knows his Spanish cuisine. His eponymous restaurant at Aria does it right. This one, redolent of saffron, is stocked with rabbit, chicken and chorizo, a tribute to authenticity. $40, In Aria, 590-7111,

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Make That Winetail Culture

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Make That Winetail Culture

A winner since Day 1! We’re talking about this cocktail—er, winetail, which has been on Double Helix’s menu since it opened Jan. 17, 2008, but the same could be said for two of the bar’s three co-owners, Menelaos “Lucky” Metalios and Ray Nisi, lifelong friends and college roommates. “It’s our good luck charm!” says Nisi of the sunny drink. The Lucky Ray was just the first of Double Helix’s unique menu of winetails—that is, cocktails that use wine instead of hard liquor.