Palette Pleaser

The elegant table settings at Jöel Robuchon inspire a fresh look to go with the new menu

With every new season, the team at Jöel Robuchon—undoubtedly one of the world’s finest restaurants—changes its palette to accompany its changes for the palate. A new menu is introduced as well as a table settings in a seasonal color including glassware, florals, linens and the delicate accouterments that make the décor pop, such as brushes of paint on the plates, tiny paper cutouts, and beads and fabric added to

the overall canvas. A meal at Robuchon, which is inside the MGM Grand, is truly a work of art. The restaurant staff sources these materials from local craft stores. The result is a quaint yet sophisticated touch that leaves diners wanting to come back every three months to see what’s new.

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