Party Boy

DJ Scotty Boy reflects on the Miami weekend and the last 10 years

In the midst of the Beatport Beach Party during Miami Music Week, with Tommy Lee and DJ Aero spinning in tandem in the background, and while singer Sofi danced with Joel Zimmerman (better known as Deadmau5) onstage, Vegas Seven discovered Vegas’ notorious party-loving DJ Scotty Boy hanging out backstage. After the hangovers and the Vegas-bound flights, we recapped the madness with Marquee Dayclub’s full-time Saturday resident.

Your recently released single, “Warface,” with Revolvr and DJ Red, is growing in popularity.

It’s a concept of all three of ours. It was our highest-charting track; it got to No. 10 on Beatport. I think our timing was good because we released it March 1, right in time for Miami.

This marks your ninth March Miami trip. What is it that keeps bringing you back year after year?

The thing I get from Miami every year is a fresh perspective on music and what’s up next. All the DJs are playing the next song. I hear a lot of these guys in Vegas but the sets they play aren’t the same as what they play in Miami or Europe—they dumb down their sets. Seeing them play a new set was really inspiring.

From what you saw and heard this year, what are your musical predictions?

I think Swedish House Mafia has kind of molded their own sound, and I think that’s gonna be the sound of this next summer. It’s hard to put a label on it but it’s a combo of progressive house and electro, a little of everything.

Did you make it to see them at the March 26 Masquerade Motel party?

No, but I saw [Steve Angello’s] last set at Beatport and got a taste of what it was like. Musically, I think his set was one of the best I heard the whole trip. The Beatport pool party was kind of my home; the lineup was good and it seemed everyone came through there during one point of the day.

Were there any standout performances?

These two girls from Australia called Nervo. They blew me away, and I wasn’t expecting it. Their look, their sound, style and their technique—I was just really, really impressed.

Nervo also played the opening of the Chandelier Bar in the Cosmopolitan. You yourself will be making the Cosmo your home soon at your new Marquee Dayclub poolside residency begins this Saturday. Are you ready for summer?

Yeah! For the past five or six years I’ve been traveling out of state and so many new people have taken over so it was hard to find a good gig. Then Marquee opened and they’re always playing house on the weekends, so it was my goal to get over there. I’ll be there every Saturday [at the pool] and Monday nights in the Boom Box Room.

Where did you get your start?

It all started when I went to a sixth-grade dance. I was really into the sound system and lights and one Halloween I was [dressed up as] a DJ, and started getting attention from girls and was like, “Hmm, this is kinda cool.” My first real gig was when I was 16 in Hollywood for an all-ages night with the cast of Beverly Hills 90210.

Since then you’ve held residencies with Light Group, the Palms and played all over Vegas and your hometown of L.A. How has Vegas changed over the past 10 years?

This town used to be run by the Mafia—a handful of guys that grew up here and ran the clubs, the DJs, and it was hard for outsiders to make a name for themselves. When people came in here with money and talent, it really changed things. Now, we’re the leaders and everyone copies us. It’s still tourist[-centric], so there’s the mainstream stuff, but we’re bringing in the biggest house DJs in the world. It’s gone from being a cheesy, outdated place to being the leaders in nightlife.