Hanna (PG-13)


In this well-made yet repellent action film, Saoirse Ronan plays the role of the teenage daughter of a trained CIA assassin (Eric Bana). In snowy Finland, dad schools his little girl in all manner of combat and survival tactics. Dad’s old boss (Cate Blanchett) wants her rogue agent brought in from the cold. She also has plans for the girl, who has been genetically engineered to follow a bloody path indeed. Ronan holds the screen. But for all its globe-trotting, the movie never goes anywhere.

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Paradigm Shifter

By Jason Scavone

Caesars’ decision to plant Celine Dion back in the Colosseum was a sure thing. There was no way that performer, already a proven winner on the Strip, wasn’t going to put asses in seats night after night. Garth Brooks was as good as guaranteed. So is every new Cirque du Soleil showroom built into a casino. There was a time long ago, however, when the New Frontier threw a bone to a 21-year-old Elvis and ate two weeks’ worth of bad reviews for their trouble. George Carlin riled management at the Frontier enough to get himself fired in 1970 for saying “shit” onstage.