Hefner, Li’l Hefner share a birthday

They should’ve been celebrating their birthdays at Chuck E. Cheese and the Hollywood Forever Cemetery, respectively, but son-and-father duo Marston and Hugh Hefner got together April 9 at the Palms to celebrate their birthdays, 21 and 85. That’s son and father, mind you. No “great-grand” anywhere in there.

It is touching, though, to see the generations brought together in wholesome and time-honored ways—by 31 Playmates.

Père Hefner and his now-legal progeny started at the Playboy Club before moving upstairs to Moon. Hef got a cake, while Marston received a key to the Playboy Club. He’s the son of the man who started Playboy, and he had to wait until his 21st to get the key. Keenan Cahill got a key to the club in March, and he’s a 16-year-old YouTube star. How furious would you have been in that position when the goofy lip-synching kid on the Interwebs beat you to the punch?

Of course, 31 Playmates can salve any wound (especially if that wound is to the groin). They were all of fairly recent vintage, too, with Deanna Brooks (May 1998) being the furthest out. Included in the mix were the future Mrs. Hefner, Crystal Harris, and soon-to-be Playmate of the Year Claire Sinclair. That’s really not a bad way to take the sting out of the aging process.

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