Sunday Reruns

There are certain things in life one simply must return to—I’ve got a 15-year revisitation cycle for Dostoyevsky, five years for The Umbrellas of Cherbourg, a month or so for Grandma’s beet soup. Henderson’s own Greenspun Media Group has now brought the principle of eternal return to the local news business and tightened the cycle of return to mere days. The idea, apparently, is that if one can never get too much of a good thing, perhaps it’s also true that one can never get too much of, well, a thing.

In any case, on Sunday, April 10, I woke up to GMG’s newspaper-within-a-newspaper, the Las Vegas Sun, and found a front-page story I’d read three days earlier in the company’s newly rebranded business publication, Vegas Inc.

I shrugged and flipped the page and saw a nice feature on a local ski instructor—this, too, I had already seen, three days earlier in the Las Vegas Weekly.

Then I put the Sun away and went out to pull weeds, which also return after I’ve gotten the point.

It was a shame, really: There’s nothing like the Sunday paper—except, I guess, the Thursday magazine.