Vegas Style: Fashion stylist Christie Moeller



For the longest time, people have told me, “You should be a fashion stylist.” I accept the compliment, but not the advice, because I’ve always known there is more to being a stylist than putting together a cute outfit. Looks at it this way, just because a person can sew, doesn’t mean she can be a designer. And just because a spunky fashion blogger can dress well, doesn’t mean she can be a stylist. I leave that to my good friend Christie Moeller, Las Vegas Fashion Stylist.

I initially met Moeller on Twitter, and then we met in person when I wrote the feature rticle “Does Fashion Exist in Las Vegas?” for Vegas Seven. Moeller was one of my personally-selected experts featured in the piece. Since then, we have kept in touch and become great friends.

A couple of weeks ago, I got the chance to shadow Moeller as she styled and helped to manage an editorial shoot at Sugar Factory for Vegas Player Magazine, where she is the Fashion Director. As I stated before, I am already well-aware of the talents and skills necessary to be a fashion stylist, but what I also learned while watching Moeller work is that a fashion stylist needs stamina, the ability to look beyond her own tastes and opinions, and the ability to work well with other personalities. Moeller’s shoot that day lasted 14 hours. I was able to hang out for about one. So much for my stamina!

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