Another Shade of Blue

Last Wednesday, with a T-shirt slingshot and plenty of Twinkies, a new colossus had its formal debut on the Strip. In front of Fashion Show mall, a 15-foot statue of the Blue Man Group both trumpets the famous show at the Venetian and serves as a quirky attraction in its own right, allowing passers-by to see themselves on screen.

Designed by YESCO, the company that built iconic Las Vegas signs from Downtown’s Vegas Vic to Wynn Las Vegas’ “moving eraser” sign, the statue features two oversize high-definition monitors. One features clips of the show itself, while another shows the action unfolding in front of a “fan cam” that one of the three eponymous Men holds.

“To me, the interactive nature is what connects to what we do at Blue Man Group,” says Meridian, a Blue Man who was, for the time being, out of costume and answering questions. “It’s giving the fans a chance to see the energy of the show, and also the participation aspect of it.”

Moments after the stanchions had come down and traffic flow returned to normal on the sidewalk, passers-by were already stopping to snap pictures and have fun with the fan cam. Even when they’re surrounded by the blur of the Strip, the Blue Men still command attention.