Arcade Fire

In a single concert, Arcade Fire gave the question and answer to all my buried adolescent longing. Yes, I grew up in the suburbs. And yes, on their April 14 sold-out performance at the Joint in the Hard Rock Hotel, the eight-piece band played many songs from The Suburbs, their most recent album. Every song—including the ones from Funeral and Neon Bible—was epic in a wistful, generous and celebratory way. The sweeping music and trio of video screens gave us suburban spawn a temporary escape from our bland existence with a visit to the higher planes of “No Cars Go” and “Rococo.” Other songs (and Régine Chassagne’s sparkly twirling dress) celebrated that hope of escape (“Ready to Start” and “City With No Children”). And throughout, lead singer Win Butler peeked back at the audience, at our tract-home past, searching for something beautiful and pure while acknowledging the boredom, the danger and the overarching inability to escape “The Suburbs.” I just hope they can return with another concert that so perfectly addresses the next stage of my life. – Cindi Moon Reed

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