Creole Crab Cakes at Sedona

This restaurant has been completely redone, and the menu is filled with contempo American comfort fare. Three crab cakes come drizzled with a perfect rémoulade. The cakes are fragrant, properly browned on the surface, and nearly 100 percent backfin crabmeat. They’ll stand up to any version in the city. $14, 9580 W. Flamingo Road, 320-4700.

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Hot Rocks at Stack

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Hot Rocks at Stack

Very little today allows you to bring out your inner caveperson so much as searing your own meat on a hot rock. And all without sullying your hands. Thinly sliced prime sirloin is served raw, marinated in citrus-soy and seasoned with salt, pepper and lime juice. At the center of the table sits a smooth river rock, super-heated to 600 degrees. Using chopsticks, guests cook their own meat to whichever degree they like while the dining room fills with the delicious sounds and smells of the sizzling morsels. No, you may not bring your own meat. $21, in The Mirage