Get your pack on: seven tips for travel season

When we travel, wouldn’t it be nice to have a staff toting our Louis Vuitton steamer trunks full of treasures? Most of us do not have this luxury, and with the travel season upon us, here’s how to pack perfect. My personal packing feat was getting a client set for a two-week African safari, hanging with wild animals by day and partying like a rock star by night. All of this had to be done in less than 27 pounds. It can be done! Here’s how.

Ask yourself: Destination? Weather report? Agenda? List out all possibilities, so you have a clear idea of how many different looks you are going to want to have.

Pick a color scheme. Go dark like black or brown and try to stay away from white (one spill and it’s over). Most people crave color. Patterns and colorful accessories are a great way to add pop your foundation. Repurpose clothes. Find a pant, skirt or dress that creates multiple options through accessorizing and mixing. Don’t pack one-time-use items.

Write down all of your styled outfit ideas, and pack that list to help jog your memory and creativity.

Wrap delicate fabrics in tissue paper. This will combat wrinkling.

If you are going to be in and out of your suitcase, pack each item in a single plastic bag. This will save loads of time repacking. Use bags for dirty clothes to keep your other things clean and fresh.

Traveling is a great time to use all of those samples you get from the cosmetic/fragrance counters.

We often want to pack something for working out, but many times they are never used. Leave it. You’re on vacation!

And don’t forget to pack your underwear, socks, toothbrush and toothpaste. Relax and enjoy your break from the bright lights of Vegas.