Virtual Second Chance

What happens in Vegas doesn’t usually stay in Vegas anymore—it’s set adrift in the sea of social media networks, and all those Twitter posts about hating your job or late-night ex-boyfriend stalking on Facebook have a way of haunting you from cyberspace.

Have no fear, drunken Tweeter; Last Night Never Happened is here to rescue you from your inebriated recklessness. Billed as a “morning-after” app, it’s designed to take care of those little social media missteps, hopefully before your entire network sees them.

The app allows users to set a time period from which to gather all of their social media posts and delete them. If you went out on a Friday night, for example, ask it Saturday morning to gather all your messages from the past 12 hours, and whether it’s a Facebook post on your ex’s wall, a Twitter rant or a direct message to your mother, the app gathers it into a neat package and gives you a chance to delete them all. It even includes the option to replace the erased messages with a new, hopefully more sober, one.

One caveat: Last Night Never Happened cannot guarantee the messages haven’t already been saved or forwarded by others.

The app is available for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and is being offered at the “hangover special” rate of $1.99 in the iTunes app store.

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