Doing time in the “Hell’s Kitchen” background

On April 18, I was invited to be a background player (fancy way of saying extra – I know, it’s the big time) for a television shoot for Hell’s Kitchen.  Filming took place at Pure at Caesars Palace on the patio level. The team that won the challenge, — which I’m pretty sure was men vs. women — was flown to Las Vegas for a private party, which included dinner and drinks at the club. The shoot itself was very simple, as we just sat at a booth drinking mocktails while the women, who won, got their party on. The whole thing took just under two hours.

Caesars is expanding their television presence, especially with food programming. They either have recently been featured, or will be soon, on America’s Next Great Restaurant on NBC, Last Cake Standing on Food Network (the next three episodes will actually feature Caesars Entertainment resorts), The Best Thing I Ever Ate in June, and Kerry’s Gourmet Burgers will be featured on a June episode of Meat & Potatoes as well.

Top Chef: All Stars at Caesars Palace, anyone?

Jason Harris is a local stand-up comedian.