Stop Staring!

Stop Staring Vintage Inspired Halter Dress Feature

No. I’m not yelling at you for checking me out. is the name of a line of vintage-inspired and sexy women’s apparel from designer Alicia Estrada.

For many women who lead a rockabilly lifestyle, this type of pinup-looking, retro fashion isn’t new. But thanks to the popularity of the television show Mad Men and celebrities wearing such styles on the red carpet, vintage-inspired clothing is becoming more mainstream. Those of us with hourglass figures embrace this style of design, as we find that most modern-day fashion brands do not accommodate for curves, but the vintage styles of yesteryear do.

For those of you larger than a size 12, you’ll love this about Stop Staring! apparel – all dresses are available in up to size 18. Soon, the brand will be adding up to size 24.

“I’m a plus size myself,” says Estrada, “I get it. I design all Stop Staring! dresses to flatter curves
and enhance a fuller shape.” According to Estrada, plus sizes sell out

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