Building your outdoor room, one piece at a time

As Southern transplants, my wife and I are accustomed to spending as much time outside as possible. Once we put down roots in Las Vegas, we quickly realized that even though there are some extreme conditions at both ends of the thermometer, every season offers a great opportunity to enjoy the outdoors—the only thing that changes is the time of day.

One of the things we have enjoyed most about living in Las Vegas has been transforming our outdoor spaces into a fully functional part of our home. With the advent of the “outdoor room,” the threshold separating indoors and outdoors has all but disappeared. Driving that concept are incredible advances in textiles, wood and metal finishing techniques, and woven fiber technologies, which have yielded an incredible combination of durability and sophisticated design. The result is a seemingly endless array of options for creating an outdoor living space that rivals the best of your home’s interior.

More than ever, the home has become a sanctuary where we entertain friends, celebrate life events, start traditions and simply enjoy time with our families. In that regard, few things rival the outdoor room, especially in Las Vegas.

So what’s got my eye right now? Havana sofa from Gloster, available at LMS Design Group: Though made from synthetic wicker, this sofa’s soft lines, rich color variation and deep, comfortable seat make it equally at home indoors and out.

Bellechase lounge chair from Veneman (pictured): This gorgeous, American-made cast aluminum chair has it all. Designed by Las Vegas’ own Roger Thomas and clad in a beautiful flame orange powder coated finish, this chair will turn any space into the centerpiece of the home.

Pasto sectional from Ratana: Made for large outdoor spaces, this sectional’s exaggerated woven cane pattern is a great take on the original, and the shelter back makes a dramatic statement.

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